Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this is savannah

This is Dad coming in from working. He has been sick for about two days, but he is back out in his Jeep going to the neighbors to help with the garden. He asked if we wanted to come with him mom said she was not up for it. so we stayed .and now mom is the one sleeping.

Spring Break

Momma's Spring Break.

this is savannah's spring break

This is our spring break. I am under the umbrella and Blake is on the cot. Commander is in the back ground. Toby is on the cot with Blake. After a while we saw some leaves come from the ground it looked as if they were a small tornado.

this is savannah what i did this mornig

This morning I cooked waffles. and I burnt my elbow.It was not easy to cook waffles because Blake wanted me to play with him so I was cooking and playing at the same time. but I was too rambunctious and that is how I burnt myself .But we are all calm.the nice calm fire is going.and Blake is playing with his dominoes quietly dad is playing on the computer and mom is taking a shower .

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

this is savannah what i did today

Today my mom cleaned my room. She also rearranged my room and we went to the Oark store and had some hamburgers my sister came to with her baby. Silas and Blake were playing with his play guns I was playing like the bad guy so they could shoot me Silas would start laughing when Blake shoot me