Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Retreat

I spent the weekend at home. I was exhausted. Friday was also Rex's birthday and we had a big crowd over for burgers. Silas came home with us. He's a champ, fits right in. My Dad and Debbie came in for a visit too. I made it until 9pm. When my pj's went on and lights went off, party goers began to scoot out the door. Sorry for being in hospitable! I just couldn't function. I couldn't help but think of Shana. She has no respite from the fatigue. I believe God gives moms something extra to endure during these times.
We had a lovely swim in the creek on Saturday and watermelon from our neighbor's garden.
Chillin' the watermelon

Lola and me shelling peas for supper.

Dad mending the dam.

Savannah is back with her big sister. She missed little Eli and needed another week of baby, too. By Sunday morning I felt well rested and ready for week 2. I missed the babies. And couldn't wait to get my hands on them.
Here we go....


Here I am.