Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Season

Have you ever had a busy season in your life? I am in one now. I think I might be emerging. Having time to blog is a sign. To start back (hopefully) I thought I'd give a quick update around the homeplace. My mother has taken on the cabin bathroom as a project. It has never had indoor plumbing and our guests have had to either use the outhouse (seen through the above window) or walk over to our house. As our home is still not finished, adding a bathroom to the cabin was pretty far down on our list. But this spring Mom decided it was time. It has been functioning for the past few months. After last weekend and the hours of work Mom and Larry put into it, only a few touches remain.

As I walked around yesterday afternoon with my camera in hand, it has been a while, I snapped a few pictures.
Why this site caught my attention, I do not know. It just looked very "country" to me. This is our BB gun we keep ready and loaded on the porch to shoot the chickens when they decide to venture up. Don't worry they aren't hurt, just scared. They have learned the click of a BB being loaded and the pump of the lever. They take off before you can even raise the gun to your eye. I'm smarter. I leave it ready to shoot.
My husband. Bless his heart. He has an eye for junk. We have a collection of rusted antiques (that's a nice way of saying junk). Two wagon wheels, an old grass cutter, a tractor seat, I don't understand the affinity for unusable items.
Blending two different personalities to create a unique one.
And the two shall become one.

I wonder who the rusty old wagon wheel is? and who gets to be the flower? Hmmm?

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jennileighfer said...

That wagon wheel always makes me think of that scene from When Harry Met Sally..."Roy Rogers, garage sale, wagon wheel coffee table!!" At least it isn't in your living room.
I hope your busy season produces fruit (or veggies) :). Summer is always busy on the farm but when I think about the winter we just came through, the sun and outdoor work are very welcomed. Love ya!