Friday, June 14, 2013

June 2013

The native hydrangeas I transplanted a few years ago are really putting on a show this year.

Little Bill posing with the daisies.

Lola avoided two appointments at the beauty shop this spring. So I decided to give a shot at grooming her myself. It took 3 days. At one point she had half of her face and rear trimmed. Too bad I don't have a picture of that day. 

Commander. Rex is hoping to find him a female. His latest goal is to be able to claim that he is a donkey farmer. 
Our yard garden has been expanded. 

We added chickens to the family again this year. 7 hens, not too pretty to look at, but great layers.

Tater Tot. She's been here a year. Poor Toby wasn't keeping the mice population down due to his missing leg. 

The girls attended basketball camp at the U of Ozarks. They worked hard for 3 afternoons. Savannah was awarded the Hustle Award. You go girl!

Sonic after Basketball camp. Savannah acting a fool in the parking lot and taking a picture of me laughing at her. 

Toby sunning under the laundry.

The chickens are sneaking into the garden. I'm attempting to use the river reed to keep them out.

My Jenni. In her element. 

aaaahhhhh, she slipped on cow poo!

My friend's sweet little blond boys in Houston.

Mom's backyard. An oasis in Lake Jackson. 

One day while looking out her window she spied a turtle laying eggs in the yard. The blue crate is protecting them from predators. 

Dad's house, where the sky is big and hills gently roll.

And the kids still know how to have fun in a sprinkler. (After we made them get off their IPods and come outside!)

Dad's front porch.

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