Thursday, May 13, 2010

Picked, Washed, and Eaten

Our bounty from the garden these past few days has included spinach, lettuce, and strawberries. We've had many salads, I am hoping to make strawberry jam tomorrow, and this evening we had spinach lasagna for supper.
Rinsing spinach and lettuce is tedious work. I am finicky about my leaves. I must inspect each leaf to make certain there are NO BUGS hiding in the wrinkles. Luckily this year we haven't seen many bugs, yet. The rinsing process takes a considerable amount of time. I do most of it outside at our water hose. This way I'm not stuck behind the kitchen sink. I turn the hose on to a light spray and enjoy being outdoors, listening to the birds, Commander eating grass, and today thunder rolling in the distance. 

Inside drying.
My very humble spinach lasagna. (And very clean son, who combed his hair all by himself tonight!) Not so pretty but MAN was it good. I won't take the time to include the recipe, the internet is full of them. I used Emril's, with variation. 

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