Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strawberry Surprise

I took some jars of strawberry jam down to my strawberry patch this afternoon for a “photo shoot” with my new camera. I picked a few strawberries and spent several minutes taking pictures in the plants. (Soon to appear in a making strawberry jam post) We then dug potatoes and I returned to finish picking strawberries. This is only the second year for my patch, it’s small, about 4’ X 4’. As I neared the final corner I noticed something furry hidden under the leaves. My first thought was a rat. I screamed, expecting it to jump and run, probably up my arm. But it was frozen and thankfully it was not a rat. 
This little rabbit was so still I had to look closely to make sure it was breathing. He stayed put for several minutes while I took his picture. I wanted so badly to pick him up but knew I shouldn’t. It took all my will power to just let him be.

This was the closest I got. And then finally as I picked the strawberry on the left, it shook the plant above his head and he scampered out. I hope he is back tomorrow. But then I might not be able to resist. We just might snuggle.

Strawberry Surprise

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Dennett Whifflings said...

Most people would say, "Get that rabbit out of my garden!" But he is awfully cute...