Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dipping in the Little Mulberry

We do this every day during the summer.

 And as best as I can remember, the kids never tire of our daily, sometimes twice daily dips. It just can’t get much better than a cool, clear swimming hole that requires no cleaning or chlorinating. 
Today we found a little friend sharing our swim.

He was stinky and after a few minutes starting snapping, true to his name. So we let him go. Someday maybe we'll see him again. Only next time he may look like the other snapping turtle we found on our way down to the creek.

Thankfully he wasn't snapping, but then again we weren't holding him. 


Barbara & Larry said...

Is Jill missing? All I see is a hat and some sunglasses, oh my...everyone look for Jill!

Dennett Whifflings said...

Six weeks until I can join you...sigh.

Tamara Michelle said...

I loveeee turtles, I'm sure I wouldn't if that big guy bit my hand off. but none the less