Monday, June 7, 2010

To-Do List

Yesterday Blake asked what the difference was between the little ticks we find on us and the big purple ones like on dogs. I told him the purple ones were full of blood.
(gross picture, I know.)

Silence and wide eyes. He was horrified to hear that ticks ate blood. "You mean they suck my blood?" he asked. "Yes." I also listed several other bugs that suck blood, it's not that uncommon.
He was quiet and contemplative for a while. Enough time for me to busy myself with whatever I had been doing. He then said, "We need to make a list."  Now this isn't the first time he has said this to me. I am a list maker. I have on-going grocery lists, to-do lists, summer project lists, etc. When I begin rattling off jobs or chores for the kids, Blake always wants to make a list. He loves to scratch them off as they are completed just like I do. I keep all my lists on a small clipboard on my counter. 
Here is Blake's list I found sitting near mine. 


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Malachi said...

Absolutely brilliant.

Laurie said...

That's a laugh! Love it! In Honduras, intestinal stuff are out problem, like amoebas. I need to post the silly pic on the amoeba med I just purchased. That should gross out your kid totally as well.