Friday, January 30, 2009

The Conclusion

All three arrived safely this afternoon at 5:00 (Rex, Buddy, and the car). They drove for 12 hours yesterday and stayed overnight in Knoxville, TN. Today was a 10 1/2 hour drive to the Little Mulberry. So now we know how long it would take if ever we wanted to take off and drive to the Big City. I think I'll fly.

I was corrected today about "The Sequel." This is the third Ebay cross country trip for the guys. The true sequel took place a year or two following the original. It too was for a sailboat. It's location was Ohio. I believe the sailboat still lives at Buddy's.

I love my car! It is truly in good condition. The kids and I took it for a test drive after the guys crawled out from behind the wheel. They were stiff and red-eyed. Here they are resting after a home cooked pork chop supper. They were asleep at 7:30.


Julie said...

Knoxville!! Jerry will be so excited to know they stopped over there. I'm so glad the car is exactly what you wanted :) Can't wait to see it in April!

jennileighfer said...

I'm glad the trip was successful and that you got a car that will suit your needs. Post some pictures of it when you get time.

R. Earl A. said...

I have but one question.....Did Rex and Buddy see any Ya-Hoos??