Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Freshman

Yep, that's me...a freshman. I am officially in my second week of school. It is so much more fun this time. I love being the oldest in my class. I love watching the young kids walk around in their stylish clothes and matching hair styles. I love being mistaken for a professor (when I wear my pearls). And I love that the class work isn't as challenging as I remember it. My most difficult class is Algebra, and so far I am able to keep up.

I am working very hard at impersonating my professors and teachers for my family and friends. What interesting characters they are. This also makes me wonder how my future students will impersonate me. I think I can take it.

I am not working very hard at homework. Up to now my only class that gives regular homework is Algebra. Which brings me to the muffins, or as we call them, fuffins (Savannah's word for them when she was little).

I am bored! This staying at home by myself is not for me. With the kids in school the house is so quiet. What was I to do? Homework was done, taxes were done, my to do list was all scratched out. I decided it was time to start going through all the frozen fruit from last year. It won't be long before it's time to start picking again, and I can't wait. I missed gardening last year because we spent the growing season in Ireland. We were able to get spring produce. The blueberries for the muffins were picked by Savannah and I at a local farm and the fuffins are yummy!


sulli said...

Those muffins look delicious!

I too have just started school again. This is my second semester but I do not like being the oldest one...LOL!

jennileighfer said...

man, you make it sound really fun! Now I want to go back to school. I wish all my to-do's were scratched out.