Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hiking Around

Friday I spent the day with my neighbor enjoying my last day of "retirement" (before I become a full time college student on Monday). We drove north to hike down to the King's River Falls area. Our first stop was Spokeplant school. This is one of the few one room schools around here still standing. Our 81 year old neighbor has some great stories about going to school here. It's sad to see the schools falling. Maybe one day someone will restore them and find a use for them.

We enjoyed the smooth ride of pavement for about 50 feet when we crossed over highway 16. Back on dirt, we met some curious cows. They stared and stood their ground.
The trail down to the falls has been newly constructed. It's a beautiful hike along King's River and the falls are a treat at the end. We had our lunch listening to the water. I dreamed of diving off the rock into the pool below, but I'll save that for a warm summer's day.

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sulli said...

Lovely photos... and your soaps are so pretty. Ill be back to order some!